I’ve been getting acquainted with a woman named Julianne.  She is a Spiritual Director, an oblate in the Order of Benedictine sisters in the Catholic Church.  Though she is herself an Episcopalian, she has found support and community with these Catholic nuns from Piedmont, OK.  Julianne’s educational background is in therapy, but somewhere just short of completing her certification to practice, she felt a clear call to do that work in the sphere of Spiritual Life.

I was referred to her by a one of the many new friends I have made in the Episcopal Church.  I called her, drove the 45 minutes from Shawnee to Norman, and we agreed together to begin together.  Spiritual Direction is a relationship where one who has been intentional about understanding the ways by which people evolve in their life in God, gives help to another who desires to to grow.  For Julianne and I, we understand it as a journey with Christ, who the Episcopal Church understands to be the embodiment of the Creator.  So what we do together is cast in this 6000 year tradition of Jewish and Christian understandings of God.  We’ve met now about six times.


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